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Before Artemis, I found myself cobbling together data from various resources. I wanted detailed data about all kinds of activity on various chains that I could export into a CSV so that I could customize the analysis and get insights right inside of Google Sheets and Excel. I highly recommend Artemis to figure out which ecosystems are growing and for crypto fundamental analytics!
Anand Iyer
Founder, Canonical Crypto
Artemis is quickly becoming the go-to analytics platform in web3, and we use it regularly at Variant to monitor the core metrics of top protocols. Where Artemis differentiates is on its seamless product experience, which allows users to easily dive deeper to understand what's really happening on-chain—not just what appears to be happening according to surface level metrics.
Spencer Noon
General Partner, Variant Fund
Artemis has quickly become my primary tool for tracking Layer-1 and Layer-2 metrics. With Artemis, I don't need to spend time collecting the data I'm interested in through custom integrations. Instead, I can simply use the Artemis Excel or Sheets plugin and focus on analysis instead. With a growing list of networks and data points supported, Artemis is definitely one of the most powerful blockchain analytics tools currently available that's also very easy to use.
Mario Laul
Research Analyst, Placeholder
Artemis sheets is integral to our research process and we use it to automate our dashboards and models. Lightning fast and a massive time saver
Vincent Jow
Partner, Modular Capital
Gokustats and the other tools the team at Artemis continue develop have helped us immensely in our research process. We have used the numerous metrics provided to evaluate and compare networks to see which ones have true fundamental value and to paint a picture about how the future of crypto may look
Justin Strubel
Research Analyst, Flow Track Fund
Artemis dashboards are 🔥 The easiest way to compare stats from top chains - it’s exactly what we’ve been looking for.
Jason Hunt
VP of Ecosystems, Quicknode

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Honestly most of you just need to subscribe to @DuneAnalytics @tokenterminal and open up once a week

Patrick | Dynamo DeFi

Useful dashboard from @Artemis__xyz to see the top Ethereum contracts by gas usage over the past day. Uniswap and Blur leading the way recently.

Geoff Hamilton

Excited to dig into this Base data from @Artemis__xyz !

Jesse Walden

Artemis sheets is far and way the best install for tracking crypto prices in spreadsheets.

Defi_Mochi (🍡, 📊)

Artemis is an extremely underrated product even @DuneAnalytics doesnt have canto data


artemis team is always shipping

outside of a one day blip for the launch back in September, DAAs on Canto have so far peaked at 13.5k on Monday

Chris Burniske

So @Polkadot is 2nd only to @ethereum in terms of sub-ecosystems, repos, and weekly commits by developers (according to @Artemis__xyz ), but is perhaps least discussed amongst the major smart-contract protocols: thoughts on the reasons for this?

frens capital

@Artemis__xyz has been killing it with their dashboard which provided this visual of @arbitrum contract deployment


8/n Moving onto some leading usage data (s/o @Artemis__xyz amazing datasets).

Daily transaction activity across L1s has declined, but daily active addresses have picked up in selected chains.

@Polygon and @arbitrum stand out, seeing continued improvements.

toly 🇺🇸


Thor Hartvigsen

Want to get your research game to the next level?

I recently stumbled upon a new analytics platform called Artemis (@Artemis__xyz).

Here's how you can find alpha utilising Artemis and its L1 dashboards

Bill King™️

Daily Transactions vs Top L1s:

More transactions happen every day on Solana than any other Layer 1.. period.

In fact, SOL pumps out more daily transactions than all of the competing L1s combined

Lady of Crypto

◆◆ Team - Developers ◆◆Check LinkedIn for previous dev experience and @Artemis__xyz to see how active they are on GitHub. If they aren't on Artemis you can check GitHub directly. How recent a commit is is more important than overall commit frequency though!

Alana Levin

Regardless of bull or bear, always great to track the data and trends with @Artemis__xyz

(1-month view of daily active addresses)


Nice list. Check out @Artemis__xyz. Goes into L1 activity and developer activity which isn't as widely reported

Alana Levin

One of the best charts to track in crypto, h/t @Artemis__xyz

James Ho

awesome work by the team at @Artemis__xyz

real time dashboards to track developer activity across chains / ecosystems

- weekly active devs
- weekly code commits
- # of github repos




insane levels of alpha being given out for free by the team @Artemis__xyz


2. Gokustats - @artemis__xyzA great tool to analyze developer activity.The dashboard allows you to analyze the change in the number of Commits and Weekly Active Developers for a particular crypto project over time. Also it allows for easy analysis and comparison of L1’s.


Here's how the 90D looks.

Sweatcoin is NEAR's first big breakthrough app

Arbitrum growth without token incentives is quite impressive

Coin List

According to @Artemis__xyz data, #Web3 developer activity has tanked in the bear market, highlighting the ever-growing importance of engaging developers via strategies that include hackathons, grant programs, and ecosystem funds.


based lord 🔺

Shoutout @Artemis__xyz for the Avalanche integration. Bringing the best data and fundamentals to the industry.

Also great to see the steady organic growth of our nascent #AVAX NFT community. Y’all better watch out, these numbers gonna be heating up real fast


Think now we have one more alternative way to monitor dev data besides @santimentfeed .

kishans.sol | .eth | .btc 🧁

even in crypto winter, @solana daily transactions +100% over past 90 days

data courtesy of the good folks at @Artemis__xyz and @jonbma

Mario Gabriele (🦊, 💭)

6. Artemis (@Artemis__xyz)

Artemis provides intuitive crypto dashboards with context. Their beta version below is already clean and useful. Interested to see this develop!


raj 🖤

probably nothing

Mario Gabriele (🦊, 💭) 2

Amazing new dashboard from @Artemis__xyz showing weekly active developers across crypto projects.

• Ethereum: 1,720
• Polkadot: 796
• Cosmos: 384
• Solana: 333
• Bitcoin: 267

Packy McCormick

I see you @Artemis__xyz

NEAR Protocol | Create Without Limits

Daily active users go brrrr𝒫𝓇𝑜𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓁𝓎 𝓃𝑜𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔NEAR is making leaps when it comes to onboarding the masses to #Web3



#NEARCON saw host to NEAR's biggest mainnet stress-test to date.The chain passed with flying colour.


The number of commits tagged to open-source repositories over the last 7-days by notable chains:

1) Ethereum - 5,889
3) Comsos - 1,567
4) Near - 1,358
5) Bitcoin - 935
7) Solana - 675
27) Avalanche - 172
49) Polygon - 122

Data from @Artemis__xyz


Shout out to @Artemis__xyz for creating the best L1 chain dashboard in the game

Spencer Noon

Daily Twitter Followers x L1s

There's a number of interesting conclusions you can take away from this chart

h/t @gokustats

◢ SMS J◎e McCann 🎒

Number of contracts deployed by chain ft. Near, Arbitrum, Optimsm, Avalanche, BSC, Ethereum and Polygon

Source: @Artemis__xyz

SMS T◎Ly, 🇺🇸

My only goal is to make sure that solana has more txs from applications than all the other chains combined.

Sergio Gallardo

1/10: Track Developer Activity

GokuStats by @Artemis__xyz is a great platform to track dev's activity across hundreds of chains and identify changes over time. You can also compare activity across dApps within one chain.



regarding the recent Cosmos ecosystem & ATOM hype - daily active addresses, transactions, and TVL are following suite and continue pushing 3 months highs

data from @Artemis__xyz

Spencer Noon

How to unlock the web3 data stack


Dune DigestCoin Metrics SOTNSites






LearnTokenTerminal 15 min Fundamentals



Active developers across all crypto protocols have dropped 30% this yr.Tourist builders are leaving along w/ tourist investors.Finally the industry is having some peace & quiet to get real work done.h/t @Artemis__xyz

tanawat 🔎

Lightning fast L1 Dashboard with great metrics coverage


great stuff ser @0xnirmal


vlad.near 🔴⚔️🛡🧙🏻‍♂️

I think the platform is @Artemis__xyz ;)

William Scheinman (🔮 , 🔮)

I have never come across more streamlined L1 metrics in my career, and I have been studying Web3 for 5 years. Beginning your Web3 research journey? Start here.


wchughes.eth 🦊

Just was tipped off to this stat resource by @Artemis__xyz .  I know I'm late to the party but this is awesome.

toly 🇺🇸


Thor Hartvigsen

Want to get your research game to the next level?

I recently stumbled upon a new analytics platform called Artemis (@Artemis__xyz).

Here's how you can find alpha utilising Artemis and its L1 dashboards

Bill King™️

Daily Transactions vs Top L1s:

More transactions happen every day on Solana than any other Layer 1.. period.

In fact, SOL pumps out more daily transactions than all of the competing L1s combined