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We're building the most accessible, trustworthy, and relevant investment platform for crypto. By unlocking and organizing the most relevant fundamentals data and shaping the “GAAP” standard for crypto, we hope to inject transparency, discipline, and accountability into the space–empowering the next generation of builders and investors to innovate in web3 in a safe, inclusive, and reliable manner.

Our vision

Artemis stands for leveling the playing field for crypto investing so that anyone can do the research and analysis they want to figure out what liquid tokens to buy and why. We're bending the arc of crypto investing to make it more fair, transparent and accessible to everyone.

Our values

Here to win

We're at Artemis because we want to win. We define winning by serving the premier thoughts leaders and crypto investors and building a product they love. We do this through deep work, deep research, improving processes, customer obsession and having a strong product velocity.

Bringing Light

We are bringing light to crypto by making crypto more transparent. We also aim to bring lightness to work with levity, humor and not taking ourselves too seriously. We hope to bring light to our customers by building a delightful product.

Truth Seeking

Since Artemis stands for transparency, neutrality and data integrity, reasoning using first principles and seeking the absolute truth is important to us. That means reducing our ego, taking a step back and looking at the situation to get to the truth as a team.


We aim to have joy at work and one way we do that is celebrating wins and the work by our team. We have a slack channel called #kudos where we thank fellow Artemist for their great work and have a weekly ritual where we share what we're grateful for.

Customer Obsessed,
competitor aware

We respect competitors but we are 100% focused on serving on our customers: crypto investors. Focusing on competitors takes energy away from serving our customers.

hard decisions, Easy Life

We're always willing to make the hard decision versus letting things drag on. We will and have made hard decisions around personnel, investors, customers and product. We don't shy away from difficult conversations and how they can be uncomfortable in service of having an easier life down the road.

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Nov 4, 2022
New York
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