The Institutional Data Platform for Digital Assets

Get the crypto metrics that matter in one place. Understand what's driving on-chain activity with crypto data your way.

Metrics that Matter

Get the the metrics that matter for top chains and top dApps all in one place. No more having to go to 10+ different websites to download individual CSV files or copy and paste data. Get data in one dashboard or spreadsheet.

Accurate Data

We work closely with protocols and institutional investors to build out the most accurate metrics from the most reliable data providers in crypto. Our team shares our methodology openly.

No-Code Interface

Our goal is to empower crypto analyst with no-code interface on crypto data. You don’t need to learn SQL -- work where you want with dashboards and chart builders and export it to CSV or into our plugin to do research.

Built like TradFi Tools

Artemis's interface was inspired by financial platforms you're familiar with like CapIQ, Bloomberg, and FactSet. We've built spreadsheet plugins and chart builders so you can focus on research, not data entry.


The All-In-One Tool for Your Crypto Data

Compare, evaluate and analyze all the chains and dApps you care about in one platform with Artemis Terminal. We were inspired by our favorite platforms like CapIQ and Bloomberg to build a similar interface for crypto. Get crypto fundamentals, developer activity, macro data all in a single platform without needing to code.

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Artemis and the Artemis Sheet plug-in is a game changer for our team. It saves us hours of time and manual labor as we are able to pull hundreds of data points from many different sources into a spreadsheet to create our own analyses and models. The plug-in also means you don't need SQL or Python skills to access blockchain data. It's a huge step forward to making blockchain data actually accessible to everyone.

Katie Talati, Director of Research at Arca


Crypto Metrics that Matter in One Place

With our plugin, your spreadsheets become more than a tool – it's your direct connection to up-to-the-minute data, making your decision-making process smarter, quicker, and more insightful than ever before.

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Research is at Our Core

At Artemis, we are driven by a research-oriented ethos. Our dedication goes beyond providing tools – we actively engage in our own research to uncover the most promising trends and insights.

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