Our Entire Data Warehouse at Your Fingertips

Conduct your own analysis on top of our data warehouse with ease via Snowflake Data Sharing. Unlock fundamental crypto data for 29+ chains and 10k+ apps without maintaining your own infrastructure.


Discover On-Chain Activity

Unveil the pulse of your favorite chains and figure out what’s going on on-chain by accessing our Blockchain Activity Monitor data. Analyze raw metrics to stay current and make informed decisions.

Unified Data Access

Break down data silos with Artemis Datashare, providing you a unified gateway to seamlessly access and explore all your Snowflake data tables in one central hub.

Zero Hassle, 24/7

Let Artemis ingest, aggregate, clean, and structure all the most important datasets for fundamental analysis so your teams get get back to investing instead of building and maintaining data pipelines.


Artemis' tables and views are easy to build on top of, allowing analysts to create their own custom datasets. Analyze wallet balance distributions or dapp usage across chains with only a couple lines of SQL.

Simplified Data

Artemis Datashare simplifies collaboration. Share your Snowflake data tables effortlessly, breaking down barriers to collaboration and accelerating the flow of insights across your enterprise.


Understand Developer Activity

Witness the heartbeat of development by accessing weekly commits and tracking the engagement of active developers. Access weekly commits and active developer metrics, gaining a real-time understanding of trends and activities.

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