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Evaluate, compare and analyze trending chains and dApps across 
various metrics in one terminal

Built by Analysts

We spent time working at places like Holocene, Whale Rock, and The Carlyle Group. We’re here to serve you, the crypto analyst, and empower you with no-code tools and relevant metrics so you can bring first principles into crypto.

In-depth Comparison

Metrics don’t matter in a vacuum. That’s why we allow you to quickly compare chains, dApps, perps and other top categories against each other so you can figure out which assets are leading and growing.

First Principles

We built our terminal from first principles, thinking about what matters in crypto in the long run. We work closely with analysts to build the institutional data platform for digital assets.

No-Code Solutions

We believe in empowering the analyst with no-code solutions. You don’t need to learn SQL -- work where you want with crypto dashboards and chart builders and export it to CSV or into our plugin to do more research.


Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Crypto

Experience the ultimate 30,000 foot view of the crypto landscape, all in real-time. Discover the power of aggregated data, providing you with comprehensive metrics on user engagement, developer activity, and economic trends.


Compare Chains in a Single Place

Our Chains Comparisons page offers a centralized hub to evaluate and compare all the major chains in one place. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual data gathering from multiple websites.

I mainly use Artemis to see how blockchains are performing through comparable metrics. Artemis is something I go to because it is fast, relevant and deep. I particularly like the Activity Monitor which helps me understand the chief components of activity on each of the L1 chains. Going forward, I am certain that they will have a strong pulse on the crypto metrics that drive price because they care enough to listen to their users.

Patrick Bush, Senior Digital Assets Analyst at VanEck


Find the Next Big dApp

Be at the forefront of the crypto world and anticipate the next big thing with our Blockchain Activity Monitor. Gain valuable insights into user activity across major chains, uncovering the driving forces behind their success in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. Stay informed, spot emerging opportunities, and position yourself for success.


Build Dashboards without SQL

Take control of your crypto analytics journey with our Chart and Dashboard Builder. Craft your personalized dashboard, complete with custom graphs showcasing the crypto metrics that truly matter to you. Seamlessly create visual representations of your data without the need for code. Explore, analyze, and present your insights with confidence.

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