Crypto Data in Excel and
Google Sheets

A crypto plugin that actually works. Get crypto data you need in one place. Built by analysts, for analysts

Inspired by CapIQ

We spent time working at Carlyle, Holocene Advisors, Insight Partners and designed THE crypto data plugin that we wish we had. Our syntax will be very familiar to those who used CapIQ

No more CSVs

Say good bye to downloading 10 different CSVs from different websites. Get all the data automatically refreshed in your spreadsheet. Need a set of metrics? Ping us.

Custom Integrations

With a paid license to Dune, Token Terminal and other data providers, you can pull all the data you need in one place without having to code.

Get Super Powers

No need to write SQL. Just use =ART() formula in Excel and Google Sheet and get started building valuation models, comp tables, portfolio trackers.


Get Started in Seconds

Want to build a chains comp table? You can get started in less than 10 seconds. We've built a super intuitive formula with =ART() where you select the symbols and metrics, and we load the data in your spreadsheet in seconds. Save time from downloading CSV files across multiple websites.

Artemis has proven to be a valuable tool for my fundamental research. I find the Excel plug-in very useful because it allows me to pull in multiple data sources into Excel without having to go to each of these sources’ websites for the data. Generally, it’s one of the tools I use day-to-day, and I am impressed by the team and constant improvement of the platform.

David Alderman, Research Analyst at Franklin Templeton

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