Artemis plugins are the easiest way to get trustworthy crypto data for Excel™ and for Google Sheets™.

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Use the =ART() function to get data on thousand of tokens and developer metrics.

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Get started in seconds with L1/L2 dashboards, comp tables, or templates that our analysts built.

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Customer Testimonials on Artemis Sheets

This is a key piece of software for running our practice. We build a lot / most of our macro outlooks, comparables, and individual asset valuation analyses with Artemis. I have tried every other excel plugin product for crypto data and this one is clearly the best one.
Will Scheinman
Partner, Road Capital
Artemis Sheets is a must have for any fundamental crypto investor. Their excel plugin is blazing fast and pulls a variety of crypto data that is integral to our daily workflow.
James Ho
Co-Founder, Modular Capital
Artemis makes it so easy to bring important crypto data into our sheets. Recommend to all people hoping to spend more time analyzing data and less time getting into your spreadsheets!
Breck Stodghill
Engineer & Investor, Haun Ventures
Artemis sheets is far and way the best install for tracking crypto prices in spreadsheets.
Jesse Walden
Co-Founder & General Partner, Variant
Artemis has quickly become my primary tool for tracking Layer-1 and Layer-2 metrics. With Artemis, I don't need to spend time collecting the data I'm interested in through custom integrations. Instead, I can simply use the Artemis Excel or Sheets plugin and focus on analysis instead. With a growing list of networks and data points supported, Artemis is definitely one of the most powerful blockchain analytics tools currently available that's also very easy to use.
Mario Laul
Research Analyst, Placeholder
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