Crypto Data in Your Excel and Google Sheets

Pull the crypto metrics that matter into your spreadsheets. No coding required. Start today with 10,000 free monthly =ART() calls.

CapIQ-like Syntax

We built Artemis Sheet based on our experience in finance working with CapIQ, Bloomberg, and FactSet. Get started with simple formulas like =ART("ETH","FEES") to get Ethereum's fees.

Pull Historical Data

Get the historical price or market cap for any major token, chain or dApp with our =ART() formula.
Save time from having to write custom scripts to pull price or fundamental data.

Metrics That Matter

Instantly grab active address, transactions, fees, TVL, developer activity across chains and dApps in your Excel or Google Sheets.

Data Integrations

Get data from Dune, Token Terminal, DefilLama, Artemis and other sources by simply dropping in an API key. No more needing to manually scrape data from multiple data sources


Get Templates Built By Analysts

Need a portfolio tracker, L1 dashboard or Ethereum operating model? Get templates built by institutional analysts at leading liquid token funds or ex-TradFi investors. Get started using these templates today for free.

The Artemis Terminal and Sheets plugin have made my role as a crypto analyst 10x easier. It effectively removes all the hassles from scraping data from multiple sources to organizing to workable formats. It's a huge paradigm shift to conducting fundamental researches in crypto!

Cody Poh, Investment Associate at Spartan Group