October 12, 2023

Announcing Artemis Sheets Lite

Get up to 10,000 free monthly =ART() calls today in Google Sheets

Jon Ma
Co-Founder / CEO

Introducing Artemis Sheets Lite

We're excited to announce that starting today, every user on Artemis Sheets on Google Sheets now has 10,000 free =ART() monthly calls.

Artemis Sheets is the fastest way to get accurate crypto data from chains, dApps, and NFT projects directly in your Google Sheets or Excel.  Get crypto metrics that matter in one place. No coding required.

Use familiar CapIQ-like syntax to build your own crypto index, monitor your portfolio, or screen for investment ideas in a no-code way.

Artemis Sheet uses CapIQ-like syntax. Pull crypto data as easy as =ART("ETH", "FEES", ) to get Ethereum fees for the last day or =ART("pudgy-penguins","NFT_Floor_Price") for the latest floor price for Pudgy Penguins.

  • Get the latest market data including price, market cap, volume, and supply data for over 2,000 tokens and NFT projects.
  • Pull fundamental and valuation metrics including TVL, daily active addresses, transactions, developer metrics, fees, revenues and social followers.
  • Plug in your TokenTerminal API key and immediately start pulling metrics
  • Plug in your Dune API key and immediately start pulling metrics from your favorite Dune dashboards.
  • Build your own analysis from scratch, embed crypto data into your existing analyses, or get a jump start by using one of our many pre-built templates.
  • Supported data providers: CoinGecko,, DefiLlama, TokenTerminal, Dune

Here are examples of what you can pull:

  • Current Ethereum Price  = ART("ETH", "PRICE")
  • Current Bitcoin Market Cap = ART("BTC", "MC")
  • Lido Revenue for last 12 months = ART("LDO","LTM_REVENUE")
  • Uniswap Fees for last 12 months = ART("UNI","LTM_FEES")
  • Solana price for the last year  =ART("SOL","PRICE",TODAY()-365, TODAY())
  • Pudgy Penguins floor price =ART("Pudgy-Penguins","NFT_Floor_Price")

Artemis Sheets Testimonials

  • Cosmo Jiang, Portfolio Manager at Pantera Capital:  "Artemis is an indispensable tool in my research process. I live in Excel, and having an Artemis plug-in that can pull in prices and fundamental data series in a similar fashion as the Bloomberg plug-in is incredible"
  • Cody Poh, Investor at Spartan Group: "The Artemis Terminal and Sheets plugin have made my role as a crypto analyst 10x easier. It effectively removes all the hassles from scraping data from multiple sources to organizing to workable formats. It's a huge paradigm shift to conducting fundamental researches in crypto!"

Getting Started

Get started and download the Artemis Sheet plugin here

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