February 1, 2024

Artemis Ship Log #1

Solana on Activity Monitor, Artemis Platform launch, image previews for Chart and Dashboard Builder, Sheets improvements, and much more!

Kevin Kim
Founding Designer

Artemis Ship Log #1

Greetings, Artemists! 🖖

Welcome to Artemis Ship Log #1, our inaugural edition of changelogs that will navigate you through the vast cosmos of updates and enhancements to our stellar suite of products. As we set sail into the boundless realms of innovation, our "Core Four" products (Terminal, Sheets, Datashare, and API) will all undergo exciting transformations that will propel us into the future and we will try our best to keep our users informed of all the changes we make along the way.

We kicked off the year with a big bang and introduced a slew of new additions to our products as well as bug fixes. From adding Solana to our Activity Monitor in our Terminal to various feature adds in Sheets, we're excited to share with you the changes we've made in January: 

Artemis Terminal

  • Fixed issue where New Twitter Followers would not populate

Artemis Sheets

  • Added showDates and hideWeekends parameters to ART / ARTRANGE functions (Excel and Google sheets)
  • Added Coingecko id column to =ART("all", "symbols") and =ART("all", "top100-symbols") returned results
  • Added Coingecko logo column to =ART("all", "symbols") and =ART("all", "top100-symbols") returned results
  • Added =ART("symbol", "coingecko-id") formula
  • ART startDate and endDate parameters function correctly even when input in reverse order
  • Support CG- prefix to query ONLY by CoinGecko Id.
  • Fixed =ART("symbol", "asset-name") returning a wrong asset


That wraps up our list for our first Ship Log. Stay tuned and join us on this cosmic journey as we unveil the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes, ensuring your mission with Artemis remains seamless and extraordinary. Prepare for liftoff as we embark on this intergalactic adventure together! 🚀

Signing off,
The Artemis Team

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