March 1, 2024

Artemis Ship Log #2

Stablecoins breakdown view, revamped Chains page, brand new Bridges dashboard, and much more!

Kevin Kim
Founding Designer

Artemis Ship Log #2

Gm, Artemists! 🖖

Back again for another cosmic rendezvous aboard Artemis Ship Log #2! Despite the fleeting nature of this leap year's February, we've maximized every moment as if time were a mere suggestion. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for lift-off—it's time to explore the cosmos with Artemis once more!

Artemis Terminal

  • Launched Stablecoin Breakdowns view: find which dapps or smart contracts are driving stablecoin activity on each chain
  • Launched Bridges dashboard: find which bridge leads in bridge volume ($M) and user activity with.
  • Revamped Chains page: get the crypto metrics that mater in chains via line graph, stacked bar chart, % stacked bar
  • Improved chains dropdown UX: you can now select by category and application name
  • Added additional chart type support
  • Added "Manage Charts" to customize charts: select and add up to 8 charts max in the chains page
  • Added AVG_TXN_FEE for BTC, ETH, SOL in Chains page: get the average gas fee per transaction for top chains.

  • Updated font size for JPG export for graphs from 11pt to 14pt for better visibility
  • Updated navigational pill filter to make it consistent across all pages in Terminal
  • Updated table component with updated download and filter buttons as well as a counter
  • Updated Chains page UI
  • Updated “Open in Builder” button in Chart Builder component

Artemis Sheets

  • Added AVG_TXN_FEE for BTC, ETH, SOL: get the average gas fee per transaction for top chains in Google Sheet / Excel
  • FDV now supports historical dates: we heard you and we added Fully Diluted Valuation (or Fully Diluted Marketcap) for tokens and for historical dates

Artemis Datashare

  • Added SOL, BTC and AVAX issuance data
  • Aptos, Cardano, Osmosis, Stacks, Polkadot and Sui now available
  • New Cosmos chain support (Injective, Akash, Celestia)

That wraps up our Ship Log for February! 'Til next time 🫡

Signing off,
The Artemis Team

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