June 1, 2024

Artemis Ship Log #5

Brand new Home Page, a new LRT Sectors Dashboard, PYUSD supported on Solana, and more!

Kevin Kim
Founding Designer

Artemis Ship Log #5

Gm, Artemists! 🖖

Coming back to you again with a fresh new list of product changes for the month of May. We've had lots of improvements for our Terminal product for the month and we're excited to share with you all our latest & greatest!

Artemis Terminal

  • Brand new Home Page where users are able to view the latest narrative by seeing performance across sectors and various timeframes
  • Home chart - Toggle between Total FDV and Simple Average methodologies for calculating % change in FDMC
  • PYUSD supported on Solana
  • We've incorporated a verified badge to let our users know that we've worked with the protocol to make sure we bring the most relevant and accurate information
  • Stats cards have been added to our "Overview" tabs on protocol pages to quickly summarize the most important KPIs
  • We made a huge UI uplift on our Chart Builder tool to enhance the user experience and make sure the styling is consistent with the rest of our Terminal. Additional features like scroll to zoom have been added.
  • Valuation multiples metrics have been added across our Terminal. Users can now access them in the Chains Compare and Chart Builder tools.
  • We've improved our "Manage Charts" experience in our Chain Compare tool by adding a search bar, categorizing our metrics and tighten up the styling

This wraps up our Ship Log for May! 'Til next time 🫡

Signing off,
The Artemis Team

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