October 16, 2022

Dashboard New Feature: Protocol Traction

Check out your favorite ethereum protocol's daily user and transaction activity (or lack there-of)

Jon Ma
Co-Founder / CEO

Feature Update

Hello Artemists!

Another week and another new feature🚢🛳🛥 by the Artemis team. We are pleased to present the PROTOCOL TRACTION dashboard, a new feature allowing you to view daily active address and daily transaction activity across all Ethereum application namespaces 🤯🥵

We are hopeful that this product will bring more transparency to actual application usage across the blockchain ecosystem. At this time we only support Ethereum, but plan to add functionality across other layer 1 blockchains over time. What other metrics would you like to see on an application level basis? Let us know on Twitter!

In the meantime… what are some interesting things we can see 🤔. Decentraland made the news this week for boasting a perfectly reasonable $40mm equity value / daily active user ($1.2bn market cap / 30 DAUs)

Using the Artemis Decentraland Protocol Traction dashboard, we’re able to verify that statement by explicitly viewing the specific smart contract interactions within the protocol. Excluding interactions with the MANA token smart contract (i.e. transactions using the MANA token with platforms such as DEXes outside of Decentraland), there were ~20 marketplace smart contract interactions, 13 LAND interactions and 6 estate registry interactions. We can confirm the daily active user count to be in the ~30-40 range over the past few weeks!

How’s Opensea transaction and daily user activity doing? Check it out on the Opensea Protocol Traction dashboard. Looks like daily active addresses and transactions have come down over this year… Wen can devs do something?? Another interesting detail is that we’re actually able to see the real-time change of Opensea’s decision to move to Seaport from Wyvern to save gas fees for their users.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We hope Protocol Traction helps all the Artemists out there perform more fundamental research on their Ethereum protocols.

What are you seeing in the data that everyone else is missing? Let us know in our telegram community chat or on Twitter 🥳🥳

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