March 15, 2024

Introducing: Artemis Bridge Flows Dashboard

Crypto's most comprehensive flows dashboard across major bridges. Track liquidity from source chains to destination chains in one place.

Sebastian Melendez
Data Engineer

Last month, we launched our Bridge Dashboard, an overview of the key KPIs across different bridges.

Synapse dominates in bridge volume as of March 13th, 2024

The dashboard offered insight into what protocols are being used to bridge. But the dashboard didn’t answer the question crypto analysts kept asking us:

  • What assets are being bridged?
  • Where are assets being bridged to and from?

Understanding bridge flows can give us an idea of where current crypto users are moving their assets and what chains might see an inflow in assets.

We believe bridge flows can help crypto analysts understand where liquidity is going and what chains could dominate in usage next.

Today, we’re excited to announce crypto’s most comprehensive Bridge Flow Dashboard:

Key takeaways from the Flows Dashboard

  1. Arbitrum has the most inflows other than Mainnet: Arbitrum One had $2.52B inflows over the last 30 days, making it the most bridged to chain outside of Ethereum with $2.63 Billion. $1.2B of the transfers to Arbitrum One occurred outside the canonical bridge. (Link)
  1. ~93% of bridged tokens to Sui are Stabecoins: Sui has seen an inflow of more than ~$50M in the last 7 days, with approximately $42M of that in stablecoins (Link). What is driving Sui stablecoin inflows?
  1. More than $9B have been transferred out of Ethereum: Over the last 3 months Ethereum has seen an outflow of ~$9.3B. About $8B of the outflows from ETH went to Arbitrum, Base, Starknet, Optimism, and Polygon. ~$700M went to Sui and ~$390M went to Solana. (Link). In total, Ethereum has had a net outflow of $3.3b in the last 3 months which is the highest among ecosystems

Why does the Bridge Flow Dashboard matter?

Investors and protocols can now get insights into where users are bridging their funds and where they are coming from. Outside of the wormhole scan dashboard that tracks JUST wormhole activity, there hasn’t been any data on ecosystem flows aggregated and cleaned in one place. We think the bridge flow dashboard can help crypto analysts and protocols get closer to having a complete story of where users are going within crypto by following the flow of funds.


For the flows page, the bridge data is calculated directly from the transfer events emitted from the various contracts. The general structure of these events is the following:

transfer_timestamp, to, from, source_chain_id, destination_chain_id, origin_amount, destination_amount, origin_token, destination_token

These are not the specific event parameters of every bridge protocol, but all the protocols we track have some combination of the above indexed in the cross-chain transfer events.

The USD amount transferred is calculated at the time the transfer event occurs and is based on the destination_amount and the price of the destination_token if this price can be calculated otherwise, the calculation falls back on the source_amount and the price of the source_token. The categorization that can be seen in the tooltip on the Flows page is determined by the destination_token.


We are excited to share the Artemis flows dashboard with the community. Please give us feedback, and please note we are still in beta as we’re looking to add more bridges. If you are an ecosystem or bridge that wants to be added, please reach out to us here, on Twitter, or in Telegram.

We are here to serve you.

- Team Artemis


As a disclaimer, this page is in beta. We want to give our community access to our wonderful datasets and an interesting way to visualize the data. If you find anything on that page that you believe is incorrect or if you have any feedback, please reach out to the team. We are building this product for you.

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