October 8, 2022

Introducing Artemis Sheets

Fun new tools for the data-curious fundamental crypto investor

Jon Ma
Co-Founder / CEO

Hello Artemists!

The team has been heads down 🚢🛳🛥 away the last month, and we have some exciting new updates and tools to help the web3 community get insights into the core fundamentals that drive crypto.

Excel / Google Sheets Plug-in for Fundamental Crypto Data

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our Excel and Google Sheets plug-in for public use! Huge thank you to all of our beta testers who have provided detailed feedback and suggestions for future product features 🎉🎉. We hope that these tools help all you fundamental investors out there analyze crypto data across a wide range of protocols in a user-friendly way.

At this time we are providing a 14-day trial for everyone to use - you can install the google sheets plug-in / excel plug-in here and refer to this set of docs to walk through the installation process. While you’re at it, join our community telegram group to share your thoughts and analyses and reach out to with any questions!

Below you’ll find a link to some of the templates that we have built using. We currently cover ~3000+ Tokens for all of your degen needs. We are hoping this tool will replace the stones and chisels some Artemists out there are using…

Sample L1 Dashboard and Comps Sheet (!!!!):

The Artemis team has put together some custom dashboards using the metrics supported by our Google Sheets / Excel plug-in. The intention here was to provide some examples of the type of datasets our platform can pull, but we are excited to see what kind of customized dashboards Artemists come up with! Please post your best analyses on Twitter or in our community telegram chat!

For the more data-hungry degenerates we have a premium version of the plug-in that currently pulls in metrics from our friends at Token Terminal 🤝 as well as a proprietary set of developer metrics curated by the Artemis team.

(note: Token Terminal API key is required to pull token terminal metrics, full list of metrics provided here:

L1 Ecosystem Update:

L1 Daily Active Address & Transaction Activity: By popular demand, we have added 🥳CARDANO🥳to the gokustats L1 comparison page. Cardano has more daily active addresses than Avalanche and Arbitrum but has the lowest number of daily transactions versus the other top L1 chains 🤔.

BSC continues to top the list of daily active addresses with Solana sustaining its spot at #2. NEAR has gained significant traction over the past few months with mass adoption of $SWEAT and continues to maintain daily active users.

EVM Compatible Chain Contract Deployment Activity: Meanwhile, BSC and Polygon continue to see dominance in both unique contracts deployed and unique contract deployers amongst EVM compatible chains. We will continue to monitor this as the news of the BSC chain halting after the 2mm BNB hack makes it way through the BSC developer community ☠

Developer Activity: Developer activity across most of the top ecosystems continues to decline over both 1 month and 3 month periods. Can devs do something?? (literally)

Select ecosystems have seen increases in both 1-month weekly active dev and weekly commit count including Tezos, Status and Lightning! 👀Lightning’s alpha deployment of Taro, a software allowing bitcoin developers to mint and transfer Bitcoin-native stablecoins, is likely associated with the recent heavy developer activity.

🚨Looking for Senior Full-Stack Software Engineers passionate about shaping the future operating system of the blockchain ecosystem🚨:

The Artemis team has been shipping at light-speed and has seen a ton of inbound demand from exchanges, node infrastructure providers, retail investors, crypto funds and more. We are looking for passionate senior full-stack engineers to supercharge the team as we head into an inflection point of growth. You will work directly alongside the founding team and play a critical role in shaping the future of the organization. If that sounds exciting to you please refer to this notion page for more details!


That’s it for now! The team is shipping hard, and looking for innovative ways to bring new, interesting blockchain data to the world, so follow us on Twitter and subscribe to the Substack as the #Artemis team deliver new features and updates!

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