March 18, 2024

Announcing Artemis Source Availability

A new step in verifiability and audibility

Nirmal Krishnan
Head of Engineering
Jon Ma
Co-Founder / CEO

Our mission at Artemis is to make on-chain data accessible and standardized for all. We do this by cleaning, transforming, and normalizing raw blockchain data to on-chain fundamental metrics, so that crypto analysts can consume data their way through Dashboards, Excel + Google Sheet, Snowflake, and API.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Artemis is Source Available. We are making our queries open and available to the public, so that you can independently calculate and verify metrics on Artemis yourself and trace any methodology and data source on our platform.

You can view our queries linked here and this link can also be found in the Artemis Terminal sidebar in Check Code.

We did this for a variety of reasons, none bigger than: public and open blockchain data deserves to be publicly verifiable and auditable.

To that end, the top question we get from users of the Artemis platform is how do we calculate a given metric. Here’s how you can use our new public docs to answer methodology questions yourself.

Q: What contracts do you count towards expenses for Optimism?

A: 6 of them, listed here.

Q: Does your Solana transactions count contain votes?

A: No, voting transactions are NOT included in the transactions count.

The other top question we get from users is where do we source our raw blockchain data. To that extent, the vast majority of our analysis is supported by the awesome raw data ingestion done by our friends at Flipside Crypto, Goldsky, and QuickNode. As you peruse our docs, you’ll find tons of references to these providers. We also leverage several other incredible on-chain data indexing providers that can now be empirically verified in our DBT docs.

While this represents an important change, it is just the first step in our journey to be as open and transparent as possible.

Questions on our methodology or want to reproduce a particular query? Hop into our Discord and we’d be thrilled to help.

Here to serve you,

Artemis Team

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